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I have to say if you didn't see this coming from Day 01, then you know nothing about me at all! I tried to stay on-topic, but this post is basically a disjointed horrible failure of an attempt to sort out my feelings about the pairing. People are entitled to their own opinions about pairings and I respect that!

But this is my journal, and I post what I want. Consider yourself forewarned.

day.08 - The pairing with the most baggage?
Screencapped this myself from my copy of the Fandisc, which I bought solely for the cover.
United States of America (Alfred F. Jones)/United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Arthur Kirkland) [Axis Powers Hetalia]

So, so much emotional baggage between these two, WHERE DO I START. I could just say "300+ years of tsundere" and leave it at that, but even if I throw the history of Anglo-American relations out of the window and run strictly by what's shown in Hetalia!canon, there's no denying these two have Issues With A Capital "I".

Emotionally stunted lonely dude with generally unhappy childhood meets and promises fluffy cute baby who melts his cold heart that they'll support each other? Series of misunderstandings/arguments lead formerly-cute ward, now all grown up, to reject familial relationship with lonely dude ("I'm no longer your younger brother"), aided by the help of said lonely dude's sworn enemy?

Yeah, those experiences would drive a guy to drink.

Hell, Arthur himself owns up to Not Quite Being Over It twice in Hetalia!canon: I'm talking about in Chapter 3 where Arthur gets drunk with Alfred, proceeds to complain about how he thought they would be friends after the French-Indian War, and then starts crying and calling Alfred an idiot. Keep in mind that this strip supposedly takes place around WWII, over 150 years after America declared independence from Great Britain! Kind of a long time for you to be reopening old wounds there, Arthur!

And of course, there's his drunken interview in the Christmas Rampage:

When someone that you really care about won't return it in the same way, it's difficult, but you won't move on if you get crushed by it. It's happened to me where I spent 100 years of heartbreak just being hung up on the past...
100 years of heartbreak. People Who Think Arthur Doesn't Give a Fig About No Stinkin' Revolution, your arguments have just been invalidated.

Arthur's emotional baggage even manifests into physical symptoms of distress whenever July 4 rolls around! He can't eat or sleep! He has nightmares!! For the whole week!! As late in the game as 2007!!!


Feeble pretext to attend American Independence Day celebrations or not, that statement speaks volumes about how much the past still haunts Arthur. It's not the only piece of luggage revolving around their Emotional Baggage Claim, but for sure it's one of the bigger ones they'll have to unpack in order to have a healthy relationship.  Annnnnnd I'll stop with the lame baggage puns now kthx.

(I'm not saying Arthur's the only one who Can't Get Over It, though; Alfred can't clean out his damn storage room decades after the fact without wibbling about it. Nor can he apparently eat delicious homemade cooking by Toris without remembering the not-so-delicious meals Arthur used to make for him. And he looked pretty damn happy when Arthur came to his birthday party, and genuinely surprised that Arthur gave him a gift.)

And while J-fen beats the shit out of the koi vs. ai debate, that would definitely count as an Issue for Alfred and Arthur. Clearly I'm in the "mutual romantic love" camp, but I can see both of them thinking that the other one is only seeking familial love (the "he loves me but he's not in love with me" issue.) I can also definitely see both of them feeling guilty about harboring more-than-familial feelings for each other (the "I'm in love with my former ward/guardian!" issue.)

I guess their personalities would count as an Issue too, since Arthur expresses his feelings rather cynically, and Alfred chooses to interpret Arthur's signals the wrong way. Basically, a stubborn AKY and stubborn Tsundere pairing is going to have serious Communication Issues, regardless of any extensive angst-ridden past history between the two.

[While it's never brought up in canon, there's also the whole issue of being the personification of a country - if Alfred and Arthur are the national personifications of their countries, then which feelings are their "own" feelings as individuals, and to what extent, if any, does the majority opinion of their people have an influence on those feelings?

I like to think that even though Alfred would choose independence for his people no matter what, he had a mild case of Teenage Emo Angst during the beginning of the Revolutionary War where he got confused about whether he wanted independence or not, to the point where he doubted his feelings were even his, and then Francis kind of talked him through it. Or something like that.

Following that train of thought... wouldn't that bring up Trust Issues as well? A "you're just trying to get in my good graces to have access to my resources" kind of thing? There's probably Trust Issues regardless of the to-feel-or-not-to-feel debate anyway, since I could maybe sort of see Arthur reasoning "you rejected me once, what's to say you won't leave me again". Less so with Alfred, but the possibility's still there.]

SO if there's so much emotional baggage attached to their relationship, does that mean they should cut their losses and move on?

No fucking way.

Call it fujoshi sickness American optimism, but even with all that emotional baggage... I still want them to have a derpy happy ending. Because damn it, they're my Hetalia OTP. Although tsundere UST is fine by me!

tl;dr AlAsa=poster boys for IT'S COMPLICATED, srsly.

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I got nothing for tomorrow. Nothing! And possibly nothing for the rest of this meme. Stupid self-imposed no fandom repeats rule!
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