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[meme] it all ties together. really. [day26]

Last night in a nutshell: I burned two holes into one of my favorite shirts while attempting to iron it in 92% humidity, and then I went drinking with some high school friends and laughed at the silly things majorities do because we're mature adults like that.

day.26 - A pairing that you hated and ended up loving?

Elliot Stabler/Olivia Benson [Law & Order: Special Victims Unit]

At first I hated the idea of these two hooking up because they're partners! He was happily married with children he adores! She's devoted to her job and has Committment Issues!! But then the show gave Stabler a new partner while Mariska Hargitay went on maternity leave, and I was just like "damn, Stabler and Benson had much better chemistry!" And there was that one super intense episode where the bad guy has a gun to Stabler's head and Benson has to negotiate... yeah.

My goal is to be an extra in this show someday, by the way.

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