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This question makes me laugh because there are so many answers I could put here. I guess I could have been predictable and answered Kyon/Koizumi, Shinagawa/Izumi, Zoro/Sanji, Roy/Ed, KakaIru, et cetera, but I chose this one because even the staff made fun of this pairings' popularity. Also, I hate one of the characters in this pairing, but in terms of the pairing itself, I don't actually hate it so much as I don't understand its wildfire popularity. Which is different from the other pairings that I listed above, more or less. -_-

day.28 - A pairing that you will never understand?
they don't look like lovebirds to me
Shizuo Heiwajima/Izaya Orihara [Durarara!]

I don't get it. Really.

I guess it's because I don't ship people with people they genuinely dislike, or with people that are on a constant mission to destroy the other person's life. Izaya's been antagonizing Shizuo since the moment they met; why would they suddenly decide they like each other enough to screw? Shizuo was so pleased to finally find a job where he wouldn't be fired, and it was cute that Kazuka bought him all those bartending uniforms (long waiter apron moe~), so it really pissed me off to see Izaya frame Shizuo and make Shizuo lose the job.

At least Zoro and Sanji have a nakama bond; when shit hits the fan, you know they'll help each other out. That will never happen with Shizaya; Shizuo really hates Izaya, and Izaya views Shizuo as a pawn to antagonize more than anything else. God, I hate Izaya. (The only reason I ship Izaya/Namie is becauseI dislike Namie too.)

Don't give me this crap about "oh, you don't understand it because you're clearly biased against yaoi," either. I see Shizuo as asexual (seriously, a guy that awesome and no past relationships, male or female? He's clearly not interested in sex) but if I'm going to ship him with a guy, it'll be Kazuka or Tom. Hell, I read a Shizuo/Masanomi fic once and thought it could work.

# Day 29 - What ship had the best proposal?
# Day 30 - Your favorite ship forever and ever and ever!

I feel like my answer to every question in this meme was either a HELL YES or a SHIT NO, with no middle ground. Good job, meme creator.

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