Jul. 13th, 2010

jiyuuhonpou: ([burn notice] oooooh... no.)
Technically, I don't even know if this pairing should count as my favorite TV pairing of all time; I'm sure if I really sat down and thought about it, I'd probably be able to come up with more epic pairings or something. Oh well, this is my favorite show currently airing on television right now so there you go.

Speaking of which, I never thought I'd say this when I was there, but I miss Miami. There's probably some fucked up meta I could write about regarding the fact that the times I had the most fun in college were when I wasn't actually within a 500-mile radius of campus, but that's neither here nor there.

Day 13 - What is your favorite television pairing? [it's getting harder to come up with witty comments] )
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