Jul. 22nd, 2010

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This post has CRAZY MAJOR SPOILERS for Detective Conan, so if you are even remotely interested in checking out that series and are not up to at least the 700s, please don't click the lj-cut. Or at least, don't read this entry and then complain to me that I spoiled the series for you. >_>

Anyway, I am currently on an "extended hiatus" from Detective Conan fandom because of this pairing (more or less). I can't tell if a lot of people are happy with the pairing, but clearly I'm not.

Day 22 - A pairing you hate and no one else understands why? [The series alone should have given this away.] )

GUYS little!America referring to big!America as "United States" ["gasshukoku"] is unexpectedly moe! Though I wonder how big!America would refer to little!America. Wouldn't calling him 13 Colonies [I guess "shokuminchi" or "higashibu 13shuu no eikoku-shokuminchi" if you want to get all technical about it] kind of rankle big!America? The doujinshi in question handwaved it, but I kind of want to see that in English fic. >_>
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I don't actually like Arashi all that much but Perfume is a guilty pleasure of mine so I sat through all of the latest Himitsu no Arashi-chan episode to watch their collaborative dance.  And after watching this sequence, I have to admit it was a little mune-kyun:

And while Kashiyuka's イケメン4大要素 ("Four Major Elements of Hot Guys") worked for Matsujun and Ninomiya (草食系男子…!), I don't think V-shirts and skinny jeans would work for every guy. My personal Ikemen 4daiyouso would probably be:
  1. Well-fitting business suit. It better be crisply ironed and with a complimentary tie. None of this too-long sleeves or too-baggy pants nonsense. Bonus points if it's pinstriped.
  2. Over-the-ear headphones draped around the neck. Maybe not at work, but if you're commuting with it? Not too big that your head drowns in them.
  3. Trench coat. Kind of ridiculous to be thinking about trenchcoats in the middle of this heatwave, but yeah, trench coats are hot. Especially belted ones. Long umbrella is optional. *____*
  4. Stringed instrument. No, seriously - a stringed instrument is an automatic +10 item for ikemen-quality for any guy ever. I'm not just talking the obvious guitar or bass - a guy sitting with a cello or a harp would also be considered slightly hotter than an instrument-free male.
Other items that didn't quite make this list include "long waiter aprons", "sweater vests", "chef whites", "Y-shirts with just the collar button undone", and "Remington 870 Police Combat with folding stock". So what's your 4 Ikemen Elements, f-list? (or just plain 4 Moe Elements if you want to make it genderless XD)


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