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Has anyone read the web-doujinshi "Niji"? The one where Kyon and Koizumi have a boxing match in front of the entire school with the prize being (IIRC) a kiss from Haruhi? I want to fangirl about this with someone... anyone... *crickets chirp* ._.

Event-planning wise, this probably wasn't the most awesome sauce wedding out there, but it made for a satisfying conclusion to a series I'd been following for a while and it was the first wedding scene I thought of when I saw the question, so yeah.

day.12 - Who had the best wedding?

William Jones/Emma Stowner [Victorian Romance Emma]

The part where Emma gets all confused about what last name to put in the register, and William goes "use Stowner, she wouldn't mind" was a nice throwback to how they were introduced in the first place.  Plus, you know, love overcoming class differences and all that jazz.

Why yes, I did buy all ten Japanese volumes as they were released, thank you.

The rest of the days:
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