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I don't actually like Arashi all that much but Perfume is a guilty pleasure of mine so I sat through all of the latest Himitsu no Arashi-chan episode to watch their collaborative dance.  And after watching this sequence, I have to admit it was a little mune-kyun:

And while Kashiyuka's イケメン4大要素 ("Four Major Elements of Hot Guys") worked for Matsujun and Ninomiya (草食系男子…!), I don't think V-shirts and skinny jeans would work for every guy. My personal Ikemen 4daiyouso would probably be:
  1. Well-fitting business suit. It better be crisply ironed and with a complimentary tie. None of this too-long sleeves or too-baggy pants nonsense. Bonus points if it's pinstriped.
  2. Over-the-ear headphones draped around the neck. Maybe not at work, but if you're commuting with it? Not too big that your head drowns in them.
  3. Trench coat. Kind of ridiculous to be thinking about trenchcoats in the middle of this heatwave, but yeah, trench coats are hot. Especially belted ones. Long umbrella is optional. *____*
  4. Stringed instrument. No, seriously - a stringed instrument is an automatic +10 item for ikemen-quality for any guy ever. I'm not just talking the obvious guitar or bass - a guy sitting with a cello or a harp would also be considered slightly hotter than an instrument-free male.
Other items that didn't quite make this list include "long waiter aprons", "sweater vests", "chef whites", "Y-shirts with just the collar button undone", and "Remington 870 Police Combat with folding stock". So what's your 4 Ikemen Elements, f-list? (or just plain 4 Moe Elements if you want to make it genderless XD)
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None of this too-long sleeves or too-baggy pants nonsense.

Fuck yes. Suit lovers unite! Get the good taste back into those suits!

Trench coats are hot.

I am with you on this 200%. Also, while I have no musical instrument fetish, cellists and violinists are automatically hot by my standards. And pianists, but you can't drag that around very easily.

My 4 Ikemen elements? I have a feeling you know. Oh ho ho.

Glasses. Well-fitting business suit, double bonus points if it includes a vest (vests are made to be taken off. True story). Properly lengthy winter scarfs, no flimsy fashion scarfy shit. And since I have a wrist fetish, either gloves---the 'wearable to business' kind---or metal watches would do.

Other items not making it into the list includes : Black wool coats, trenchcoats, briefcases, properly shined leather shoes, ribbon ties and Y-shirts with the sleeves folded up just once (no rolling or multiple folds). Also, for real guys, properly combed back hair is really hot.
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I see so many men running around in ill-fitting suits in the city, it's ridiculous. I don't care if you're wearing an Armani suit or a knockoff; just get it tailored to fit, for crying out loud!

I... didn't know you liked scarves/gloves (wrists?) lol. BUT YES TO THE VEST. THREE PIECE SUITS FOR THE WIN. It really depends on the type of briefcase/shoe for me. I like looking at cuff-links so it depends on the Y-shirt, but guys that comb their hair back properly? AGREE SO HARD. (Done wrong and it looks kind of skeevy though.)
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The fleshy space between the glove and the sleeve is hot. Y-shirt sleeves in general are hot. And also the way the hand appears out of a long-sleeved Y-shirt....I like watching that kind of thing. Yes. I HAVE A FETISH KAY. (It does make BL more interesting. There's a lot of wrist action in those things, usually.)

THREE PIECE SUITS = SEIGI. Whyyyy do people not wear it more often, it's way more stare-able than whatever 'sexy' exhibitionist thing that's popular these days. WHAT YOU DON'T SEE. All-back hair is hit-or-miss for me in anime, but in real life DUDE, YOU THE SALARYMAN NEXT DOOR, THAT HAIRSTYLE IS HOT DON'T CHANGE IT. Alas, not popular.
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I've noticed people pointing that out in fanart... is there a term for that? Like zettai ryouiki for the wrist or something? It's kind of moe in anime but I haven't seen it enough IRL to judge if the moe transcends dimensions LMAO

I KNOW RIGHT?! The three-piece suit is TIMELESS, and it doesn't even take a specific "body-type" to pull it off (so long as it's properly tailored)!!

yes you should

Date: 2010-07-24 02:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] equivalent-t.livejournal.com
Not as far as I know....? Although it should get a term, why do the fanboys get all the fun. I'm guessing that it's not as much of an obvious fetish item as long socks, though. And this is the one moe that I noticed IRL FIRST, so it definitely transcends dimensions for me lol.

INDEED. I wouldn't mind seeing more old-fashioned neckties to go with them either, although they go well with any kind of necktie or even none at all. And I like neckties enough that regular suits don't feel like suits without them, but with a vest you could TOTALLY PULL IT OFF. Dangit! Be more popular! At least get drawned more! You either get suits or vests, but so seldom suits AND vests!
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