Date: 2012-01-19 12:59 pm (UTC)
The cliquey thing always struck me as wtf weird. How do you all know each other if none of you post to LJ?? If it's because of tumblr, then I guess I'll always be on the outskirts of that because I refuse to get a tumblr. I joined twitter thinking that it would be easier to meet people fandom-wise, but all of the new people I've met over there are Japanese XD;;;

They're pretty much a straight up retelling of the original manga for people who don't want to be caught reading manga on the train. The author is well-known for adapting manga into short-story form (or at least that's what the advertising on the cover claims) and she even released a book of short stories in the kimi ni todoke world that are approved by Shiina Karuho (like the story of how Sawako's parents met, or Ayane's childhood lol) but other than that one book, you're not missing anything.

Oh man, Shakugan no Shana! I loved the first season but never got around to watching the subsequent seasons... I heard the second season was just ok but the third one was pretty good? Now I really need to catch up on it XD Was that it for you fandom wise though? No other manga or gaming fandoms you're interested in right now?

Sherlock: I like the books - I read all of them when I was younger but I wouldn't consider myself a Sherlockian, just a casual fan. I like the movies in an "this is amazingly bad but oooooooh pretty men and mindless action!!!!" kind of way...
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