Date: 2012-01-19 03:40 pm (UTC)
I've always wondered how Japanese people react to you...I mean, you speak japanese and that makes things certainly easier, but don't they feel intimidated with someone that's a foreigner to them? o.o Sure, there's people like Hoshi, but I always considered those to be a rarity...

...there are novels for those who don't want to be caught reading manga?! These publishers sure think on everything x'DDDDDDDD

Well, second season of Shana may feel like a rollercoaster for many people. The most part of the first 10 episodes are nothing but fillers about secondary characters with little plot progression. While I don't mind slice-of-life myself, the lack of progression sure was a bit infuriating to me at times xD And the last two episodes are said to be a made up ending to give closure to the season. For the novel purists, they're inconsistent with the novel and pretty much a mess. Myself, I found them alright, but even I felt that they were kind of unnecessary.
As for the third season, I can't give an opinion yet since I'm just starting it. But comments say that third season's heavy on plot since they have to fit several novels onto it. Therefore, there's no place for fillers making it really good so far xD

Fandoms? That would be it, I think. As I complained on Twitter, I'm finding it difficult to find active Shana communities. Penguindrum, it was a great ride but theorizing and speculation seem to have died as the series ended. And gaming-wise, I'm well into playing Tales of the Abyss, and Zelda: Skyward Sword. But I don't have fandom involvement on those. And I knoooow, I should watch BBC!Sherlock at last xD; I'll probably do so in February...

Ah, I hear you about movie!Sherlock. They're NOTHING like the books, but the tension and the action makes it sooooo entertaining *o*
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