Nov. 8th, 2011

jiyuuhonpou: ([drrr!!] -_-)
I've decided to switch this journal to friends-only.  Normally I have an open-defriending policy where you can defriend me anytime and I won't actively defriend you (unless you've already defriended me), but since this is a big change from before where most of my entries were public:

Please leave a comment to this entry by Thursday, November 10, 2011 if you would like to (continue to) be LJ friends.

There's some people here that I won't defriend no matter what *cough*, but I'm not sure if some of the LJ journals I have friended are even active anymore, so if you could give me some sort of sign that you're alive, that would be great!  And of course, if you don't feel like we have anything in common, you no longer read my entries, or we just don't talk, you're more than welcome to defriend me with no hard feelings :)

Comments are screened of course :x
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