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[meme] complaining about fandoms no one cares about [day22]

This post has CRAZY MAJOR SPOILERS for Detective Conan, so if you are even remotely interested in checking out that series and are not up to at least the 700s, please don't click the lj-cut. Or at least, don't read this entry and then complain to me that I spoiled the series for you. >_>

Anyway, I am currently on an "extended hiatus" from Detective Conan fandom because of this pairing (more or less). I can't tell if a lot of people are happy with the pairing, but clearly I'm not.

day.22 - A pairing you hate and no one else understands why?
can you tell I didn't put much effort into finding this picture?
Shuichi Akai/Jodie Starling [Detective Conan]

I can't even rationalize why I don't like this pairing, especially since Akai and Jodie are both in my top 5 favorite characters in the series. Maybe because it reinforces the author's delusion that a male and female cannot work together unless they are ~*in love*~. Maybe because it takes away from Jodie's badassery and has essentially reduced her to a blubbering wreck every time Akai is mentioned. Maybe because Akai's character has continually gotten the shaft ever since his so-called "death", which was super lame, and his reappearance, which is also super lame.  Maybe it's because the timing of the reveal was TERRIBLE - right after it had been stressed how much Akai liked Miyano-nee.

But mostly, it's because it came out of the middle of nowhere with no character development, what the hell are you thinking Gosho-sensei. Considering he generally does sweet/cute relationships well (see: Takagi/Sato, ShinRan... pretty much EVERY OTHER PAIRING IN THIS SERIES), this ship is pretty much a fail!boat for me.

(The other reason I stopped reading this series was because Eisuke is quite possibly one of the most annoying characters ever. How does a kid with such a badass older sister and a GAR father turn out to be so useless????)

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GUYS little!America referring to big!America as "United States" ["gasshukoku"] is unexpectedly moe! Though I wonder how big!America would refer to little!America. Wouldn't calling him 13 Colonies [I guess "shokuminchi" or "higashibu 13shuu no eikoku-shokuminchi" if you want to get all technical about it] kind of rankle big!America? The doujinshi in question handwaved it, but I kind of want to see that in English fic. >_>

[identity profile] fujiappletan.livejournal.com 2010-07-22 04:39 pm (UTC)(link)
i don't really like that ship either... but like tons of manga i read i'm not in the fandom at all orz

@america note, that IS CUTE

[identity profile] kawaiipinay.livejournal.com 2010-07-23 03:04 am (UTC)(link)
OK I thought it might have just been me XD

ISN'T IT?! I'm talking about Jack O'Lantern by 0518.img, in case you're interested.

[identity profile] equivalent-t.livejournal.com 2010-07-22 05:27 pm (UTC)(link)
The only canon ships I like in Conan are....like, Kogoro/Eri and Takagi/Sato? .....why do I see a pattern here.

(I liked Eisuke back when they were implying that he might have a brain. Sadly, we know better now.)

[identity profile] kawaiipinay.livejournal.com 2010-07-23 03:03 am (UTC)(link)
Well-meaning yet hetare guy x smart, capable, martial-arts proficient girl?

(I had hope for him when he was introduced, but then it all went downhill from there.)

[identity profile] equivalent-t.livejournal.com 2010-07-23 07:01 am (UTC)(link)
The martial-arts proficient part is not required (I am one of the three people I know of who sort of ship Conan/Haibara) but is nice to have. I just think Aoyama-sensei makes really cute relationships when the guy is hetare----he had a lot of hetare heroes early in his career, so it might have helped---but it's kind of hit-or-miss when the guy is supposed to be smart. Like. I love Yukiko, but I find that her and Yusaku are sort of mismatched somehow in my brain.