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2010-07-28 09:45 am

[meme] running out of snappy titles [day28]

This question makes me laugh because there are so many answers I could put here. I guess I could have been predictable and answered Kyon/Koizumi, Shinagawa/Izumi, Zoro/Sanji, Roy/Ed, KakaIru, et cetera, but I chose this one because even the staff made fun of this pairings' popularity. Also, I hate one of the characters in this pairing, but in terms of the pairing itself, I don't actually hate it so much as I don't understand its wildfire popularity. Which is different from the other pairings that I listed above, more or less. -_-

Day 28: A pairing that you will never understand? [I smile every time I see the LOVE statue outside my work because of Episode 24.] )

I feel like my answer to every question in this meme was either a HELL YES or a SHIT NO, with no middle ground. Good job, meme creator.

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2010-07-15 10:16 am

[meme] halfway point! [day15]

This entire week of memes is a damn stretch. Can I just skip to the days I really want to answer, like Day 30??? Day 30, man, Day 30. I will write a fucking manifesto for Day 30 and tattoo it on my forehead.

(Speaking of tattoos, there's a Hetalia doujinshi I'm interested in where the "plot" revolves around a tattoo on UK's lower back. I'm from Jersey so naturally I find this hilarious despite the "seriousness" of the context. ARTHUR WITH A TRAMP STAMP BRB LOLING FOREVER)

Moving on:
Day 15 - What is your favorite real life pairing? [spoiler: I don't have a RealLife!OTP.] )
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2010-07-08 11:51 am

[meme] my fujoshi validation, let me show it to you. [day08]


I have to say if you didn't see this coming from Day 01, then you know nothing about me at all! I tried to stay on-topic, but this post is basically a disjointed horrible failure of an attempt to sort out my feelings about the pairing. People are entitled to their own opinions about pairings and I respect that!

But this is my journal, and I post what I want. Consider yourself forewarned.

Day 08 - The pairing with the most baggage? [OBVIOUS ANSWER IS OBVIOUS] )

I got nothing for tomorrow. Nothing! And possibly nothing for the rest of this meme. Stupid self-imposed no fandom repeats rule!