Date: 2012-01-22 01:00 pm (UTC)
pm'd you ^3^)b I hope the package gets to you safely!

damn the gintama writers, how do they keep coming up with these jokes? they must be insane XDDD

MYCROFT THE KUUDERE ahiaugdas i think this is why i like Gattiscroft lmao Plus he lets Sherlock walk over him lolol
I think that's why Sherlock knows he can trust them because they're still around even after the shit he pulled on them lololol He knows he's such a handful but yet he makes no effort to be less nasty ;3; Sometimes I feel sorry for them (esp Mrs Hudson/Lestrade... and Molly)

the twist with Richard Brooke was genius~!!!! thanks for making us doubt everything you wonderful bastard!

uh what? lolol your Nihongo is so much better than mine so i think you'd ace more otoges than me XDDDDDD
Tbh, there's not many hard otoges? Because they're basically 'choose the best choice to further the story' games. the ones that has other options beside this are the hard ones and it's quite rare? Like Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side series requires stat-building to win an ending.
But if anyone asks me for reccs, I'll give it based on what your preferences are? e.g. do you like comedy stories or would you like historical based or sci-fi? or do you like the ones with a real LOOONG complicated stories? or sad/setsunai ones? or do you want the ones with your fave voice actors LOL Feel free to tell me what you like ^^
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