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「俺には全てが愛のメッセージに聞こえたが」 「むしろ一番にぶいアンタに向けて言ったよ-なものなのに」
 の メッセージ
つまり: ヤバイ何これ禿げ萌え過ぎて 死んだ


day.24 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out badly?

Michiru Aida, Ruka Kishimoto, Takeru Mizushima, Sousuke Oikawa + Eri Takigawa [Last Friends]

This entire fucking series was a train-wreck. The worst part at the end is that the main love triangle wasn't really resolved; the three people chose to set aside their feelings for each other and love together in a bittersweet farce of a happy family. >_> DNW.

tl;dr continuation of meme:

day.25 - A pairing that was/would-be adorable, but could never work out?

Itsuki Koizumi/Mikuru Asahina [Suzumiya Haruhi series]

It's no secret that I ship this like burning. I want it to happen, and I want it to happen badly! But realistically, it wouldn't work for three reasons:

1) Asahina is from the future.
She's going to have to go back to her time period sooner or later. She even states directly to Kyon that having a relationship in the current time period would be difficult for her.

2) They're from different factions.
I could argue that the later novels have mentioned that the SOS-dan's loyalties have started shifting from their original factions to the SOS-dan as a group [i.e. if Koizumi were forced to choose between the Organization and the SOS-dan, he would choose the SOS-dan; likewise for Mikuru and Yuki] but since Kyon is such an Unreliable Narrator and we don't really get to see Mikuru and Koizumi interacting with each other without a third SOS Brigade member present, there isn't much actual evidence to back the statement that Mikuru would choose rescuing Koizumi over disobeying her superiors. The Organization chose to help rescue Mikuru in Conspiracy because it was beneficial to them; Koizumi didn't actually end up having to choose between one or the other himself.

3) Subtext implies they have feelings for other people.
Koizumi's Disappearance counterpart said he had a crush on Haruhi, and I think that there's enough room in canon to interpret that Mikuru may have feelings for Kyon. Hell, if you look at Snowy Mountain Syndrome, you could state there's canon evidence for Koizumi liking Kyon and Mikuru liking Haruhi.... in that way, since Impostor!Mikuru barged into Kyon's room and Impostor!Kyon barged into Haruhi's room. Ship whatever ship you want, but if you're going to argue against Kyon being attracted to Mikuru or Haruhi being attracted to Kyon? It wouldn't be a very good argument.

So would it work out canon-wise?
Probably not. But I'm still down with it.

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